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Turk’s Head Collection


The Turk’s Head Collection reflects everything that is New England Style. Classic, easy, and timeless, these pieces are a luxurious, nautical staple from a family run Maine business since 1969.

Moria and I were drawn to these designs because they are so reflective of our New England upbringing. Boats, beaches, our rugged coastline and of course the sailors bracelets we would have braided on our wrist and wear all summer long… until our mom made us cut them off right before school began.

When we first started the business close to 14 years ago, Moria met with Tony Correa, designer of the AGA Correa Turk’s-Head Collection, to get his advice about the jewelry business and learn from his experiences. He was so generous with his time and gave some really great insight into the jewelry business.

Many years later as our business has grown, we still couldn’t get these pieces out of our mind. Moria bought the 3 strand ring and we noticed how many compliments she received on it. We knew right then that we had to try to get the line to Boston.

It’s so fun to have these pieces in our Boston boutique because they are forever a classic and an amazing jewelry staple.

All Turk’s-Head jewelry is handmade and individually woven. If you’re interested in the Turk’s Head Collection, give us a call at 617.292.0079 or email info@dev.mflynnjewelry.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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