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Over the years, clients have to come to us with so many different questions and requests regarding jewelry.  As time went on and we continued to hear more and more of these requests, we realized that there truly was a demand for a more personal jewelry shopping experience with a serious attention to detail and specific focus on the clients’ needs.  With extensive jewelry industry experience, we’ve seen it all and know every aspect of the business.  In addition, we work with a worldwide network of reputable and reliable industry professionals that we can call on to make the process fast and simple.

We help you find the perfect stone.

As a GIA gemologist Megan is able to introduce you to stones you may not have considered and steer you away from gems that may not fit your lifestyle and the test of time. Trust that you are getting the best price on the stones and pieces you are purchasing.

Our transparent process sets will make you feel comfortable immediately. We can help you select the perfect stone, giving you insight and education along the way so you know you’re making the right purchase.

What’s it worth?

We provide pieces valued over $5,000 with an Insurance Evaluation document, which may be emailed to your insurance agent to add to your policy. Customers may also ask us to obtain quotes on insuring their jewelry through Jewelers Mutual Insurance.

Our trusted independent expert will evaluate your pieces on site for a full and complete appraisal. Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about this service and its pricing.

*Megan and Moria also host casual appraisal nights on a regular basis. On these nights we bring in our appraiser to join us and we make quick evaluations on 1-2 pieces from your collection. Make sure you keep in touch for the next date.

Take care.

Fine jewelry is an investment that must be maintained and repaired. Ring settings should be examined often to check for wear of prongs. White metals must be re-plated and polished or retextured. Gemstones may need to be cleaned using special methods, and pearls may need to be restrung and cleaned.

M. Flynn will clean, check settings and maintain any piece purchased with us. Small charges may be necessary for some work including building prongs or ring sizing. Please contact to inquire.

For pieces not purchased at M. Flynn, we have developed a pricing and service guide. Please get in touch for more info.

M. Flynn will also service fine watches. Clients may choose yearly programs or M. Flynn can evaluate your aftercare need’s during a home visit.

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