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Meet the team

M. Flynn is a women-owned and operated business in the heart of Boston’s South End.
Read all about the team behind it all below!

Client Relations Manager + AJP


Some may consider Nicole Curtis the face of M. Flynn. Nicole is a GIA certified AJP (Applied Jewelry Professional) with a love of jewelry (obviously) and helping clients. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of everyday earrings, a 10th anniversary gift, or you’d like to learn more about the engagement ring process, Nicole’s got you covered!

Nicole grew up in Boston’s South Shore and has her Bachelors Degree from UMass Boston. She has worked at M. Flynn since 2017. 

**Fun Fact** Nicole is the head of M. Flynn’s Mug Club. Are you a member? 

Favorite Stone: Aquamarine… And, of course, diamond.

Favorite Piece of Jewelry You Own: My Saucer Ring… I wear it everyday. It’s the most comfortable piece of jewelry I own and I always get compliments on it. 

Next Piece of Jewelry You Want to Add to Your Collection: A Spinelli Kilcollin Ring and/or Emerald Cut Eternity Band

Why you love working at M. Flynn: It is such an honor to be a part of so many monumental life moments. We are so fortunate to be in such a positive environment everyday.

It is so fun to see some of the heirloom pieces, and to reimagine them into something that can be worn for years to come. Never have I seen so many amazing pieces until I landed here at M Flynn!

Real Housewife Mantra: It’s so hard to pick a piece of jewelry when you just want it all.

Email: Nicole@mflynnjewelry.com

Marketing Manager + AJP


Sarah Servino has worked with M. Flynn since 2015 and is our Marketing Manager. She makes us look Instagrammable and is such a positive force in our business. Sarah is a GIA AJP and holds a BA from Suffolk University. Originally from Long Island, NY, she now lives in Dorchester with her two cats, Taco & Noodles. 

Favorite Stone: Sapphire! But I can’t ever get enough diamond.

Favorite Piece of Jewelry you own: We made a dome ring using my grandmother’s diamond that I wear every day. It’s so special, and it looks awesome next to my Neon Lola Pinky Ring 🙂

Next Piece of jewelry you want to add to your collection: So many things. A Harwell Godfrey Bangle, a Saucer Ring, Sorellina earrings, an SK Ring… The list goes on.

Why you love working at M. Flynn: M. Flynn is just such a positive place to work! Between being surrounded by so many happy life moments (engagements, celebrations…), beautiful jewelry, and amazing co-workers and bosses, it’s always positive vibes here!

Real Housewife Mantra: The only carats I eat are 18K.

Email: Sarah@mflynnjewelry.com

Production Manager


Jennifer started working with us as our in-house bench jeweler / fused bracelet expert. She is now our Production Manager and makes sure our jewelry looks perfect from start to finish. Originally from New Hampshire, Jen graduated from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School and then completed her bench jeweler certification at the New Approach School for Jewelers. She eats, drinks and dreams all thing’s jewelry. 

Favorite Stone: Emeralds have always been a symbol of luxury to me.

Favorite Piece of Jewelry You Own: My engagement ring. It is the first piece of fine jewelry I have ever owned, first and favorite! It is a non-traditional marquise shaped ring with a pink garnet and diamonds surrounding it in an art deco style.

Next Piece of Jewelry You Want to Add to Your Collection: It is only a matter of time before I get an M. FLYNN Saucer ring. They are the perfect size and such a fun way to add color to a jewelry collection. 

Why you love working at M. Flynn: The team is so motivating. We have an amazing team of hard-working ladies who genuinely love jewelry. I think we all find excitement and fulfillment out of guiding our customers to their new favorite jewelry item.

Real Housewife Mantra: ​No pressure, no diamonds 

Email: Jennifer@mflynnjewelry.com

Production Assistant


Lyla is a recent University of Alabama grad from Westchester, New York. She majored in Fashion Merchandising and has brought her love of fashion to the jewelry world at M. Flynn!

Lyla is our Production Assistant (Moria’s right hand woman) and helps oversee the creation of all M. Flynn jewelry as well as our special custom and engagement projects.

Lyla has been spending her time getting to know Boston, especially in her new ‘hood, the South End!

Favorite Stone: Diamond… My birthstone!

Favorite Piece of Jewelry you own: The first piece of jewelry that I bought from M. Flynn: the Lola Pinky… It will forever remind me of my start at this wonderful company!

Next Piece of Jewelry you want to add to your Collection: Anything Jade Trau. Her pieces are all so unique and special. 

Why you love working at M. Flynn: I love working at M. Flynn because it is a community of women who are passionate about the work that they do. It is incredibly inspiring to walk into a work environment where I’m surrounded by creative, motivated, liked minded people daily. Also, it is wonderful to be around beautiful diamonds and gems daily!

Real Housewife Mantra: There’s no such thing as too many diamonds.

Email: Lyla@mflynnjewelry.com

Say Hello!

Visit us at 40 Waltham Street in Boston’s South End
or text us at 617-292-0079!

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