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The first piece that our client brought to us was her grandmother’s engagement ring which she recently inherited. It meant so much to her and the diamond was so beautiful, but she didn’t want to wear it as an engagement ring. She still wanted to have the piece close to her, but wanted to rework it to be a piece of jewelry that would be easy for her to wear every day.

We decided that it would make a beautiful pendant and the client really loved the look of a six prong setting and hexagon shape.

Her sister saw the hexagon pendant and LOVED the idea of turning their mother’s engagement ring into a pendant.  She already wore her own diamond engagement ring but treasured the beautiful emerald shaped diamond.  She decided to make her piece into a delicate necklace that she could also wear with everything.

The stone was so amazing we wanted to keep the bezel as thin as possible.

The sister who remade the grandmother’s engagement ring had also been given their mother’s wedding band. It had a lot of really beautiful diamonds in it and she wanted to use those stones to create a fun, everyday ring stack.

The first ring that we made for the stack was a wide gold band that we dotted with diamonds taken from the wedding band.


She still had a lot of diamonds left after making that ring, so for the next ring we did an all diamond eternity band. To complete the stack, the client added two rings from our cases by designer Anna Sheffield.

This was such a fun family project to work on and was it so great to see these sisters create meaningful pieces of jewelry together that they will always cherish.

If you are interested in doing your own Rework | Redesign project, give us a call at 617.292.0079 or email info@dev.mflynnjewelry.com




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