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Our client came to us with an amazing heirloom cocktail ring that she wanted to change up a bit. It was already so stunning, but we redesigned it to give it a fresh new perspective and more substantial look. Her grandmother had brought back the ring following a wonderful vacation on a cruise to Cuba, and gifted it to her mother. Her mother later handed the ring down to her on her 21st birthday. It had a lot of great history behind it and meant so much to her. When she brought the ring in to us, she already had a vision in her head of what she wanted to do with it.


The ring featured an absolutely stunning aquamarine center stone & was originally set using a relatively thin band with two smaller diamonds on either side. She also brought a pair of solitaire diamond stud earrings with her that she wanted to incorporate into the design.



She wanted to give the ring a chunkier, more significant look that would give it the feel of a traditional cocktail ring. To do this, we gave the ring a much thicker band and a thick split shank that wraps around the two sides of center stone.



The client also really wanted to change the direction that the stone was set from a vertical orientation to horizontal, so we flipped it around and decided to add the diamond accents on the top and bottom of the stone. We incorporated the diamonds from her earrings as well, which created a unique and more substantial accent that fit perfectly between the new prongs.


The result is an absolutely stunning cocktail ring  with a fresh new perspective and more significant look.



If you would like to work with us on a special project, call 617.292.0079 or email info@mflynnjewelry.com


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