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Turning something old into something new

One of the most exciting things about being in the jewelry business, is the moment someone walks in with an old piece of jewelry and asks us to turn it into something new. Whether it be something they no longer use, a piece passed down to them that needs updating or a complete jewelry makeover.

Recently we had a woman come in with her mother’s old engagement ring. It’s always nice to have jewelry passed down to you, but in this case, the diamond solitaire cut was an obvious engagement band, and our client felt a little strange walking around wearing it. This was a particularly fun project because she was interested in redesigning it into a floral cocktail-type ring and my sister and I got to get a little creative with it. In addition to the diamonds, we ended up adding several Amethyst stones – a nice touch because they’re both her father’s and mother’s birthstone.

The greatest part was how much she loved the final product. In this case we were able to turn the old piece into something new and exciting while keeping its history and her personal connection to it intact.If you have any old things gathering dust in your jewelry box, bring them in, let’s make something new!

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