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Wedding days are often some of the most meaningful and memorable days of our lives. One thing that made my day even more special was the wedding jewelry I received from my parents to wear while walking down the aisle. It’s often the small touches that make the most difference, and wearing the bracelet my parents gave me was not only symbolic on the day, but now reminds me of my wedding each time I wear it.

I came up with the idea for this blog entry after watching the royal wedding last month, during which the world watched Kate Middleton marry her prince in a stunning pair of diamond earrings given to her by her parents. I loved this idea because even though her jewelry collection will probably grow to be very large, these will most definitely remain one of the most cherished pieces. It was touching to see her parents give her a special gift to take with her as she moves into her new life.

Queen Elizabeth also received wedding jewelry from her parents on her wedding day in November 1947 – a double strand of pearls.

We just worked on a lovely pair of earrings that a groom plans to give to his bride on their wedding day. They are a beautiful, custom-made pair of pearl and diamond earrings that will be perfect for her to wear on the day but also any day after. Even though they are simple, they truly are a staple piece of jewelry that will be enjoyed forever and perhaps passed on to the next generation.

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