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Our client had a necklace and bracelet with beautiful round ruby and diamond stones, but the settings and chains were very outdated and she just wasn’t wearing them. They were channel set in a thick bar in an alternating pattern. She wanted to use the stones to create something more modern and updated. She also had a cocktail ring with marquise rubies that was really big and chunky and just wasn’t her style, so she wanted to incorporate those rubies into her new piece as well.

First, we used the round diamonds to create a simple bar necklace, a classic piece that is perfect for everyday wear. We then had the rubies left over, of all different shapes and sizes. They were all a similar shade of red but some were marquise and some were round. We wanted to break up the deep red color by adding in another shade, and ultimately decided on adding in some light pink tourmaline stones. The two colors complimented each other so perfectly.

The client decided that she wanted to do a pair of interesting earrings that would be real eye-catchers! We thought that a unique cluster earring would be perfect for this. We tried out a few different looks using different stones and combinations, and the client loved this design.

We used a few of the left-over round diamonds from her previous project to complete the look. We then set the earrings in yellow gold and the finished product is so stunning! These earrings are definitely a show stopper and we love how they can drop or climb off the ear.

If you are interested in doing a custom project with us, please call or text us at 617-292-0079.

ruby redesign

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