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Just in time for Fall and all the holiday parties on the horizon, LuLu Frost has arrived. Lulu Frost was started in 2004 by NYC designer Lisa Salzer. M. Flynn asked her some questions about her current inspiration, favorite jewelry and plans for the future.

What is inspiring your work right now?

Right now, I’m inspired by three incredible women from times past, the Marchesa Casati, Nancy Cunard, and Elsa Schiaparelli. For Spring/Summer 13 I created three collections in collaboration with my friend and author Lesley Blume. In her book, Lesley celebrates forgotten ideas, items and people from the past. She and I decided to highlight the iconic styles of the three aforementioned women, filtering them through the Lulu Frost lens. I love how distinct each collection is while still maintaining the classic Lulu Frost ‘look’.

Michelle Obama just wore your “Memory Motel” necklace and she couldn’t have looked better. Who was your most thrilling Lulu Frost sighting and why?

Seeing our incredibly stylish First Lady wearing something that I designed was by far the most thrilling Lulu Frost sighting – for so many reasons Michelle Obama is a modern-day trailblazer, but I also love how timeless and classic she is. I aspire to have both tradition and modernity in my work, and so Mrs. Obama was the perfect woman to represent what I hope comes across. What an honor!

As we love carrying so many of your pieces at M. Flynn and are loving the Medusa collection, do you have a particular favorite piece this season?

My favorite pieces from the FW12 Power collection has got to be the Medusa group as well – I’m in love with the interwoven mesh serpents seen in bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I love the symbolism of the serpent – the Victorians often used them in their exquisite jewelry to symbolize eternity.

What are you’re go-to jewelry pieces? Most treasured piece (old or new)?

My most treasured piece of jewelry and one that I wear every day is a custom-made 18karat yellow and rose gold link bracelet that I designed after being inspired by a 1940’s vintage men’s watchband. The chain became the centerpiece of our Power collection and is used throughout – after finishing the collection I made a very special version of the same chain but in fine jewelry so I could have it, wear it all the time, and eventually pass it down to my family as a sort of modern-day heirloom.

What’s next for Lulu Frost?

There’s so much on the horizon, which is rapidly approaching! I’m currently designing next Fall 2013 and the following Spring 2014 collection as we speak. We’re also designing a line of fantastic unisex jewelry that’s a very cool casual compliment to some of the dressier Lulu Frost styles. The line will be called George Frost after my grandfather. The entire Lulu Frost team is excited about the future![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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