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Recently we were lucky enough to have a chance to ask Karen Erickson, of jewelry powerhouse Erickson Beamon, a few questions for the blog. Erickson Beamon is known for exquisite handmade costume jewelry which has become a fixture on fashion runways and in magazines around the world. As you may know, we carry a small selection of Erickson Beamon jewelry here in the store and on our website, so we were very excited to learn a little more about the brand and the jewelry itself.

What inspires Erickson Beamon designs?

I draw inspiration from all aspects of life. The world is my inspiration. Nothing is off limits to spark my creative flame. Something as simple as a word or an image, or a general theme for an upcoming photo shoot, can lead to the production of an entire collection. I strive to create memorable, fashion-forward pieces that push boundaries within the design world.

What do you think is important in a piece of jewelry?

Each piece is created by hand, which allows Erickson Beamon to customize and create entire collections at the request of the most influential names in fashion. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our clients’ desires, without ever sacrificing our design aesthetic. The Erickson Beamon collection appeals to all ages and styles, from flashy and intricate, to the simple and understated; either way, each piece speaks for itself.

How are Erickson Beamon pieces made? How much time goes into each piece?

I enjoy mixing unexpected materials to make each inspiration come to life. Each piece of jewelry has its own persona, creating an individual presence within the collection. I incorporate materials from a variety of resources, which elicits my free range of style. These materials include Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, lucite, wood, pearls, chains, feathers, fabric flowers. My choices are infinite.

What is the proudest accomplishment for Erickson Beamon so far?

Erickson Beamon jewelry dazzles worldwide, pioneering the coveted, handcrafted necklaces that have become our trademark and a staple in the industry. I have designed custom pieces for many runways, including Jil Sander, Givenchy, Dior, Chanel, Anna Sui and Ungaro.

What can we expect from Erickson Beamon in the future?

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