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Double Watch Dilemma

One thing we’ve been trying to pull off lately is wearing two watches. It’s not the most conventional idea, and you may be asking yourself, “Why do you need to wear more than one watch?” Megan has certainly posed this question, and she’s not wrong for doing so. But here’s another question – why not? It’s fine to stack bracelets, layer necklaces etc., so why is it strange to wear two watches? As a person who loves watches, and owns several, I think it’s sad to only have the chance to wear one at a time. We spent some time stalking the idea on the internet and found that we’re not the only ones into watch stacking.

We’ve also come up with a variety of excuses for the inevitable moment when we’re asked why we’re wearing more than one timepiece:

One is a backup in case the other one stops

They’re set to different time zones so we can relate to what’s happening in the rest of the world

We couldn’t decide which one matched our outfit best

But still, we’re not sure if we’re on to something or not. So the real question is, what do you think? Is wearing two watches the next big thing, or should we forget it and move on?
– Moria

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