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A pair of sisters brought us these two beautiful brooches and was looking to remake them so that they could wear them more often. There were so many beautiful stones to work with, so we had a lot of fun brainstorming all kinds of ideas! Take a look at the first two projects that we did, including a gorgeous pair of earrings for one sister, and a stunning pair of convertible earrings for their mother.


The other sister wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but knew that she wanted something meaningful as she recently had a second child. She was originally thinking that she might want to make a ring and we discussed a few options, but she just couldn’t find a design that she was interested in. She decided to move in a different direction because she had a lot of rings that loved to wear and wasn’t sure what would go well with what she already had.


While looking around the store for some inspiration, she saw some lockets that she really loved and started to chat with Moria to see if there would be any way to incorporate the stones that she had into an interesting and unique locket design. Moria came up with a few designs and she ultimately decided on this beautiful arrangement.



We added the emerald charm to the necklace as well, and sprinkled some diamonds along the chain to incorporate a few more of the heirloom stones into the piece.


We loved that it was something that could be both beautiful and sentimental. This was the perfect keepsake to fill with her children’s photos.


Can you believe that we STILL have stones left over from this project?! Stay tuned to see what else these ladies can come up with!

If you’re interested in doing your own Remake | Redesign project, feel free to give us a call at 617.292.0079 or send us an email with some details about your piece.

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