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Spring Ring Makeover: Making Three Stackables Into One Timeless Ring

It shouldn’t happen, but with the daily wear and tear that happens to most rings, it does and will happen. Should you not wear your rings? Hell, no! We always tell our clients to get their significant stones insured and all rings should be monitored… Look for loose stones or prongs that seem to be worn away. If you see these signs, do not wear your ring and have it looked at by a trusted professional. You may need to have your setting tightened or cracked stones replaced. This is not unusual and should be expected if you wear your ring daily.

While most rings will only need to be maintained, there are some situations where a “ring change” may be necessary:

A client came to us recently with three beautiful stackable diamond rings that she wore together on her left hand. The constant activity of her daily wear caused the prongs on each of the rings to rub against each other.  With this friction, the stones would crack and eventually fall out from her rings.  It seemed like she was having trouble too frequently so she decided to design a single ring for all the stones. The finished ring, was nothing short of amazing and a true custom piece.

Here’s a look at the CAD we used to design the finished product.

The finished product.
Our client trying on her new ring.

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