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Sarah Winchester

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We are so excited to feature one of our favorite artists: Sarah Winchester. She is incredibly talented in so many different ways, and her photography is always so beautiful, intriguing, and thought provoking. Her latest collection, the Paris Series, is currently on display in our store and we just love having such gorgeous artwork fill our space.


Sarah’s fine art photography stems from a passion of art and travel, creating beautiful images to live with and love. She graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor’s in Art and Art History and received her Masters in Art from the Art Institute of Chicago. She also spent time studying art in Florence, Italy. All of the prints are original photographic prints printed from original digital negatives under Sarah’s direct supervision.

My Paris series arose from a love of those quiet Parisian moments, a cafe on a rainy night, the Metro stop swooshing by, graffiti on a bathroom wall, or the Louvre museum at closing time.  Quiet, calm, sexy, saturated, all those things Paris can be.  I wanted to grab them in a photograph, tuck them away and bring them home.  More than just a postcard from the city, but to capture the thoughts and feelings Paris induces.

Sarah feels that photography is about creating, not just capturing, and brings that emotion to her work.

You can see Sarah’s work in-store. Please contact us at info@mflynnjewelry or call 617-292-0079 in you are interested in purchasing one of her pieces.

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