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A client came to us with this amazing brooch last year and loved it so much, but wanted to redesign the piece into something more practical and easy to wear.

We created a beautiful ring for her, but still had SO many sparkling diamonds left, and decided to get to work designing more ways that these diamonds could be worn every day.

The client has two daughters, and thought that it would be so sweet to be able to use these stones to create their very own jewelry to keep forever. They all came in together to talk about some different design ideas and ways that they could make jewelry to go along with each of their unique styles. We had so many amazing diamonds to play with, so we came up with some fun earring ideas!




One of her daughters decided that she wanted to make a gorgeous diamond necklace to pair with some unique diamond ear crawlers, while the other decided to create a statement earring with the diamonds. The earrings DID NOT disappoint. And the necklace came out so beautifully that the client wanted one of her own, and we still had plenty of diamonds to do so!

Take a look at these stunners below!


They decided to make some fun stacking bracelets with the remainder of the stones.  We made two unique ones for the client, and she wanted to have matching sets made for each of her daughters as well as her niece.


They made the perfect Christmas gifts for the girls and everyone loved being a part of this special project!

If you are interested in doing your own Rework | Redesign project, feel free to reach out to us here or call the store at 617-292-0079

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