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We recently started carrying designer Pamela Love and have fallen in love with her southwestern inspired pieces made in Manhattan’s garment district. Some of our favorites are her Five Spike Earrings, they’re edgy yet elegant, and the Brass and Lapis Lariat Necklace for a pop of color. We sat down with Pamela and discussed  her beginnings, inspiration, and future designs.

How did you start making jewelry?

I studied experimental film and art direction at NYU. After I graduated, I worked as a painting assistant to Francesco Clemente. My background in cinema and the arts inspired me to create jewelry.

What was your first piece of jewelry?

A pair of dangly gold earrings that my mother got me when I was a little girl. I lost one and spent days digging through the carpet for it. I never found it, and have been wearing mismatched earrings ever since.

Pamela’s inspiration board

What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why do you love it?

It’s really impossible for me to pick a favorite piece of jewelry. Jewelry is my passion and my favorites are always changing.

What jewelry are you wearing now?

My arrowhead ring, dagger rosary, five spike earrings, and mini tribal spike necklace.

When and why did you begin making your jewelry sustainable?

When you see so many jobs moving overseas, where labor is being exploited and the search for materials is destroying parts of the earth, it makes sense why there is a movement towards keeping things local and sustainable. To me, sustainability is what separates my business from others. It is very important to me to provide jobs in New York City and developing regions, where the production methods that are used have been slowly dying off.

Where does your inspiration come from and what’s inspiring you now?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from art, science, magic, music, astronomy, astrology, and travel. As far as right now, that’s a secret.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space]



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