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Estate jewelry is any jewelry that has been previously owned, and there are so many benefits to buying it. It’s unique, tells a story, and is often a great value. Not to mention it tends to be beautifully designed and hand crafted with rare gemstones and fine details that aren’t always seen in today’s jewelry.  Estate jewelry has always been a fun and important staple in our store for these reasons.

Because estate jewelry is pre-owned, it can be an amazing value. The pricing tends to be much less expensive than it would be with a brand new piece, while still maintaining it’s excellent condition,  fine stones and incredible workmanship. Although fine jewelry is built to last, it’s always important to check settings and rebuild pieces when necessary.



Art Deco

The Art Deco period has a very distinct, geometric style that is quickly recognizable. Some of our favorite art deco pieces are shown above, always best-sellers in our store.




The Victorian era also had its own very unique style. The Victorian Cluster was a very popular style, which features a cluster of diamonds or other stones, often in a flower-like arrangement. These pieces also tend to have diamonds with very intricate cuts that were often cut by hand. Old European Cut, Old Mine Cut, & Rose Cut diamonds are all very coveted styles these days that are typically seen in estate pieces. Diamonds and other precious stones are not cut by hand today, and these styles give the diamond or stone a softer look than a modern cut.


Visit us!

If you are interested in seeing what we have in our estate cases, stop by the boutique at 40 Waltham Street in Boston. We also offer personal shopping: if you are looking for a certain style of estate jewelry or particular piece, we will reach out to our contacts and find the perfect piece to fit your needs! Get in touch with us here.



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