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Custom Wedding Jewelry: Joining Two Families Together

Our client came to us looking to have a custom piece created using some very meaningful diamonds from both the bride and the groom’s families. Her fiance had a beautiful diamond that was once his grandmothers, while she had a ring given to her by her aunt. The couple already had wedding rings and they were looking to create a different piece of jewelry that the bride could wear on her wedding day.

The bride was sent to us by Daniel Faucher, our neighbor, friend, and couture wedding dress designer. Daniel designed the client’s wedding gown and he suggested she come down to our studio to see if we could design a wedding day piece.  Because we knew exactly what the dress was going to look like, we were able to create the perfect piece of jewelry to complement it.

The dress was elegant with a beautiful lace plunging “V” neckline, so we thought that something simple and delicate with some length would pair wonderfully.  We incorporated his grandmother’s larger stone at the top of the necklace and we designed a pear shape setting with some smaller diamonds from her Aunt’s ring to use as the drop, which really gave the necklace a stunning sparkle.

This piece was such a meaningful way to symbolize the coming together of two families.

If you’re interested in making your own custom piece, contact us today!

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