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Our client came to us with a ring that had been passed down to her by her grandmother. The ring had a gorgeous, glistening ruby center stone with some smaller diamond side stones. She absolutely loved the ruby but wasn’t in love with the ring itself.

She thought she might want the ring made into a significant pendant, and was thinking that she would really love a unique cluster. She wanted something that would be interesting & different, yet still easy to wear.

To make the cluster more significant, we decided to add some more stones into the mix. Our client did a bit of brainstorming and she decided that she would love to add some different pops of color.

We experimented a lot with a few different color combinations & each one created an entirely different look against the brilliant color of the ruby. After seeing all of her options, she fell in love with the combination of the soft purple of amethyst against the deep red of her ruby.

We added a glossy white pearl, the diamond side stones from her ring, and a few extra diamonds. These stones really completed the design without introducing any other colors to it.

Once the stones were all decided upon, we put together a design that we thought would create a nice balance and accentuate each stone in its own way, while still making sure that it would be unique & interesting. Our client loved the design, and we could not be happier with how this Remake | Redesign project came out!

If you are interested in having a piece of jewelry redesigned, get in touch with us here, or call 617-292-0079


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