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Custom Project: Joining Two Families Together

Wedding bands are so special and symbolize so many beautiful things about love, marriage, and commitment. They represent the joining together of two individuals and families as one. Our clients had an idea that would allow all of these things shine through in more ways than one.

Our clients wanted something very understated and simple, that still had some meaning behind it. They brought us two gold bands – passed down from each of their families. What they wanted to do was to melt down both of the bands to make a blend of the two, and use this new gold mixture to create two new wedding bands.


The idea was so meaningful and romantic- we couldn’t wait to get started! We had both of our clients pick out the style of band that fit them best, and they decided that they would both have the same, a half round at about 4 mm thick.

We melted both rings down and added a bit more gold to the mixture to ensure that we had enough for both rings – and that both rings were made from exactly the same mixture! The result was a magnificent set of matching bands that perfectly symbolized the love between the two.


Incorporating heirloom jewelry into new pieces can make them just that much more meaningful, and we are so happy to see these pieces being passed down for generations and living on to tell their own story.

If you are interested in our custom jewelry or rework|redesign services – get in touch with us today to get started!

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