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Custom Project: Diamond Earrings – The Ultimate Reward

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? So why not reward yourself with some beautiful diamond earrings after accomplishing something major in your life. When our client came to us, this is exactly what she wanted to do.




Our client had just completed her MBA and all of her hard work had finally paid off. She wanted something special that would remind her of this achievement, something that she could wear every day, but that would still be unique.

The classic look of gold and diamond was something that she adored. She also loved a classic square appearance and wanted an earring that would fill the ear with a large square shape. We made sure to keep this in mind and incorporate her favorite qualities into the design.

To start the project off, we purchased over 1 CT of beautiful antique diamonds – all certified Old European Cut. We worked with the client to create a square halo of round and baguette diamonds which would surround a center stone. We eventually decided to create this halo using round diamonds as well as some serious baguette diamonds. These long cuts gave the earrings a super glam look while at the same time ensuring that clean cut square shape that the client loved.





For the base of the earrings, we used 18K yellow gold – but plated them in Rhodium to give a bit more of a clean, bright appearance. This allowed the diamonds to keep their white color and really made them pop.

The end result of this project was so gorgeous that the they were hard to say goodbye to! This beautiful and unique set made for a perfect graduation gift.





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