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The client came to us with a princess cut halo ring and wanted to work with us to design a wedding ring.  She wanted a ring that was comfortable and one that would stack well with her engagement ring.

The client’s engagement ring had a lot of diamond.  However, this time around she didn’t want more diamond, she wanted to keep it simple.  We encouraged her to create a band that could be worn with her engagement ring, but one that would also look great and “complete” when worn alone.  It’s nice to wear wedding a band alone from time to time and wedding bands that hug halos tend to look strange on their own.  While many clients do not like the space that a straight band creates when worn with a halo, one of the advantages of going custom is that we can create a wedding band that can stack well.

First we started by making a mold of the client’s engagement ring so that the new band could be constructed to fit directly underneath.  She came to us with a collection of various sized mine cut diamonds originally belonged to her grandmother to incorporate. Our challenge was threefold: first we needed to create a design that did not use many diamonds, but one that would use some of her grandmother’s stones. Secondly, we needed to draft a design that would hide the fact that our client had older diamonds which were not the same modern cut as her engagement ring.  Lastly, we needed to create a ring that looked fantastic, classic and one that would blend well with the style of her Halo engagement ring.

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