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Charm Bracelet – A Makeover

Like many children growing up in the 80s, my sister and I were each given a charm bracelet by our grandmother. After I saw our contest winner’s charm bracelet, I knew I had to drag mine out from my jewelry box. I don’t think that there is any piece of jewelry that is more personal than a charm bracelet. They are the sweetest reminders of love, graduations, vacations, sports, etc. They tell small stories of our past lives and current life. They are also some of the most unique pieces of jewelry you can have.
With all this in mind, I decided I really wanted to revamp my childhood charm bracelet into one that I could wear today.

Did you see the “Sweet 16” charm? Not exactly a sophisticated bracelet for an adult, is it? I’m lucky that M. Flynn designed a series of charms, and I thought I would add each one as a memory of our business. I also added pendants that I never wore to add color to the piece. I was having so much fun planning the project that I forgot to try on the actual bracelet, which ended up being too small. In the end, the most expensive part of this charm bracelet makeover was buying a new bracelet. I chose a textured cable chain. Some say they are kitschy but I think they are so fun and filled with personality. Do you have a charm bracelet that needs a makeover?

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