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Caitlin Mociun’s use of eye-catching colored stones in cluster designs for her namesake line, Mociun, caught our eyes immediately when we spied her work a few years ago. We are absolutely hooked on the way she combines unusual stones into surprisingly classic, timeless looking settings. Mociun pieces are perfect for creative people who want something unique but set in a traditional way. We asked Caitlin to answer a few of our questions about her pieces and all time favorite jewelry.


Mociun’s Brooklyn store

How did you first start making jewelry?

I became interested in jewelry in around 2008, making jewelry by hand out of string, shells, crystals and antique beads taking inspiration from ancient talismans. After fiddling around with having fine jewelry locally produced for about a year, I designed and started selling what I considered my fine jewelry line in 2010. Many of the pieces from those initial mini collections are still in my main collection.

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry, and why do you love them?

Currently, our link rings, bangles, and necklaces– inspired by costume jewelry in the 90s. These bold yet minimal pieces in ombre gold with colorful stones are perfect for dressing up a casual look, or anchoring a more formal outfit. They make a big statement, but quietly.

At bottom right, a turquoise and black diamond fringe ring with curved bands

What jewelry are you currently wearing?

Right now, I’m obsessed with our Large Sunbow Hoops, and I’m never without a stack of Shape Bands.

What are your favorite stones to work with right now? What are your least favorite stones?

Turquoise and diamonds are always my go-to stones, but lately I’ve been incorporating different colorful gems into my designs, like lapis, chrysoprase, variscite, and emeralds. For custom pieces, I’ve been using a lot of colorful sapphires and Oregon sunstone.
As for least favorite…every stone is beautiful! It’s not about the stone but what it’s paired with. There are certain combinations that just don’t work for me.

Mociun’s office and showroom

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m inspired by my travels, interiors, art, and primarily the stones I’m working with when I see them in person. As for custom pieces, often times clients have a photo, memento, or story that can inform my design process.

What do you want our readers to know about your jewelry?

Each piece is a blank canvas – an idea stripped down to simple elements that lets the materials do the talking.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space]



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