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We were first introduced to our client through her daughter who was proposed to with our rose gold oval halo engagement ring.  The client had not worn her engagement ring for many years – It didn’t fit, and was uncomfortable to wear.  She approached us to remake her ring because she finally wanted to be able to wear a ring on her daughter’s wedding day.

Her original ring was a simple 6-prong solitaire with a thin band. She knew that she wanted the new ring to have a wider band so that it would fit her more comfortably, and she wanted the ring to have a more substantial look (more bling).  In our first meeting, we went over some inspirational photos that she had gathered and we used photos some of our past projects to get ideas and drill down on the style that she wanted.  The goal was to use the diamond from the solitaire ring along with all the diamonds in her original wedding band to create the new ring.

She loved the two-toned look of yellow and white gold, and we also discussed how she thought her current set was too delicate for her.   She definitely wanted the redesign to be more substantial as well as extra sparkly and glamorous.


The original rings had a lot of sentimental value, so she really wanted to use all the stones.

Moria put together a CAD design and we were able to use all the stones! We used the smaller diamonds from her band to create a halo around the center stone, and added in some smaller diamonds as well. The end result is so stunning! We are so happy that she was able to wear her new ring on her daughter’s special day.

If you are interested in doing a rework | redesign project with us, please email us at info@mflynnjewelry.com or give us a call at 617.292.0079.


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