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What we're getting with our Holiday Bonuses...

And what we think you should add to your lists, too.

It's Bonus Season!

Got your holiday bonus and don’t know what to spend it on? We can help with that. Check out what the M. Flynn team has on our lists for some inspiration: 

Beatrice has been eyeing the Spinelli Kilkollin rings for awhile and has narrowed it down to a couple of styles. Her first choice is the Nimbus MX Ring, because she likes how it incorporates the mixed metals and has a little diamond power.

Her next choices are the Melissa Kaye Riley Ring and the Anita Ko Diamond Pave Safety Pin Earrings… Both pieces feature diamonds in such a creative and unique way!

Sarah has some good pieces on her list. Her first choice is the Jade Trau Sophisticate Riviera Necklace, an edgier take on a line necklace. 

Next is a Harwell Godfrey bangle, either the Juju bangle or the Knife Edge Diamond Bangle. She loves these because they stack so well with other bracelets and add different textures and colors to any stack.

Her next choice are the Sorellina Monroe Crescent earrings. The black onyx and colored stones in these earrings add the coolest pop of color to an already insanely cool style of earrings. 

Lyla’s picks are some great classics. First on her list is a dome ring… She’s thinking either with a marquise or pear shaped diamond. Dome rings are just the perfect chunky yet simple rings to add to your collection

Next, another ring, the Jade Trau Maverick Signet ring. She already has the Melissa Kaye Neon Pink Lola Pinky for one hand, and she needs a pinky ring for the other!

Finally, Lyla’s been thinking about the Jade Trau Lunado Pendant. She likes its shape and simplicity while still bringing some diamond power!

Nicole has been eyeing some staple M. Flynn pieces, like the timeless Line Bracelets and the Riviera Necklace. You can’t go wrong with that much sparkle! 

Also on her list, Nicole loves the Brent Neale Mini Mushroom in Peruvian Opal with Opals. Its minty green coloring is subtle and really goes with everything!

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