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Self Car(e)at Club Day: A full recap

Back in February, we celebrated Self Car(e)at Day here at M. Flynn. Self Car(e)at Day is a special holiday where we celebrate and honor our M. Flynn Self Car(e)at Club members who joined this elite club because they truly believe in treating themselves.

Buying your own jewelry can be very empowering and even more meaningful, whether you’re rewarding yourself for any sort of accomplishment or feeling like treating yourself just because. We at M. Flynn believe that you don’t need to wait for someone else to buy you that special something you’ve been coveting, and we love seeing what our Self Car(e)at members have been adding to their jewelry collections.

This year for Self Car(e)at Club Day we held a special promotion in which a gift card was given to those members who decided to #treatthemselves and celebrate with us. The more you treated yourself, the bigger the gift card was 😊 Check out some of our favorite Self Car(e)at picks from this year and see why members joined the club. Maybe you will, too!

One member whose “why” was that she wished to #treatherself for her accomplishments rewarded herself with two special Brent Neale necklaces. The first was a Mini Mushroom in pink opal and diamond, and the second was Large Gemstone Puff Heart Pendant in Blue Chalcedony and Sapphire. 

Another member bought herself a pair of Jade Trau’s Kismet Hoops–earrings that have become an M. Flynn staple. For her jewelry motivation, she wrote: “Hard work should pay off! 😊 In the market to recognize and value my work. To have a beautiful object to appreciate! And because fine jewelry isn’t something only men can buy.”

One member took advantage of Self Car(e)at Day to treat herself to a blue sapphire baguette eternity band. When she joined the club, this is what she wrote for her jewelry motivation: “I have purchased two expensive rings from you to celebrate a major win at work and getting pregnant (something I’ve wanted for years and years)- I love wearing things I purchased for myself because it feels empowering and sweet every time I look at my hand or elect to put it on that day – it feels like on a bad day ‘I can do this- look what I’ve already done.'”

Two members treated themselves to Lola Pinky Rings–both in yellow gold. These rings designed by Melissa Kaye are definitely a fan favorite and have quickly and steadily become a bestseller (we all have them, too). One member wrote as her jewelry motivation “turning, 40, working my ass off everyday at work, the end of the pandemic”. I think we can all agree this has been a tough year for everyone, so what better than a Lola Pinky to cheer you up and celebrate all your hard work?!

Some other Self Car(e)at Day purchases include a Retrouvai Love Necklace, a Mini Compass Necklace and Anita Ko Palm Leaf Studs, a Blue Sapphire Epaulet Engagement Ring (yes, a hard-working Self Car(e)at Member treated herself to her dream ring), and more. All women who believe in treating themselves to their dream jewelry purchases! So, what’s your jewelry motivation? Join the Self Careat Club and celebrate yourself with us 😊 

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