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Our client first discovered our shop through Erin Gates, a blogger that we work with on a fine jewelry line. She had always been a fan of her work & her designs and purchased a few of her pieces throughout the years. When we launched our Remake | Redesign service, we did a special project with Erin and remade her heirloom bracelets into a beautiful pair of new earrings.


Our client saw the story and loved the idea of remaking a piece of jewelry and had been thinking about resetting her engagement ring for years. She had actually reset the ring once before, but didn’t love the way that it turned out.


The ring was originally a marquise solitaire, and she had it reset to include two trillion stones on either side. She wasn’t too crazy about the new side stones and thought that they were too flat, dark & not sparkly enough. She lost one of the trillions, and her 35th anniversary was coming up, so she thought that the timing would be perfect to completely revamp the ring.


She lived pretty far away and wasn’t able to make in to the shop, but luckily her husband was traveling to Boston on business and was able to stop by and drop off her ring during his trip. He also brought along some inspiration photos that she had put together and notes on different aspects of each ring that she liked!



Once we were able to take a look at the ring and inspiration, she had a call with Moria to discuss some design options. They put together each aspect that she liked from the rings that she’d seen to create something totally unique and her own. We created a wax mold for her to take a look at and she loved the design.



We used her original center stone, and accented it with a sprinkling of delicate round diamonds.  We liked the idea of using our “tribloom design” on either side of the center stone to add some more sparkle across the top of her finger.


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