Pure No 2 Double Yellow Gold Bracelet in Neon Pink

Redline Paris


A unique and resplendent marriage between a chain and a string, bound together by one beautiful everlasting diamond. Made in Paris, The Pure collection by RedLine revisits its jewelry line to create a stunning string, gold, and diamond bracelet. This jewelry piece is composed of an 18k gold chain connecting RedLine’s iconic string. The 0.1ct diamond enclosed by an 18k gold bezel setting glows at the center of your bracelet, gathering the power and beauty of the chain and the string. 

The gold tag is engraved with the word Redline on one side and the letter K on the other side. The K means peace, serenity, calm and harmony.

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.10 natural round brilliant diamond 
18K Yellow Gold
Adjustable from 6 – 6.5 inches

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