BLM Charity Heart

Harwell Godfrey


Made from black onyx, diamonds and 18k gold, 100% of profits from each Black Onyx Heart will be donated to an organization that is actively fighting for justice for black lives, NAACP.

The pendant, envisioned as a healing talisman, has a black onyx heart at its core. As Godfrey sketched the design, she realized that her signature triangle motif placed over the heart in repetition created what looks like a broken heart that has been put back together. The choice of black onyx was twofold: its color not only represents the black lives it honors, but it is also said to be a stone of grounding and strength. Each heart comes with a bail that opens and can clip on to the brand’s signature Foundation chain. The bail has two bars creating an equal symbol as a gesture of the unity we can achieve when we support each other.

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  • black onyx
  • diamonds
  • 18k gold

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