1.5mm Purple Sapphire Day Dream Cuff

M. Flynn


Meet the perfect addition to any wrist stack, The Daydream bracelet. That great pop of color in sapphire or delicate sparkle in diamond. It sits comfortably next to a watch or cuff and wows in a combination of its own colors and sizes. Choose your own adventure and create your own daydream-y stack.

Ends Up by M. Flynn is a series of collaborations with women who inspire us. The Day Dream Collection is the first of the Ends Up series designed in collaboration with fellow South End-er, bracelet lover, and friend, Cate Brinch.

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1.5mm purple sapphires

Available in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold

Pictured: 2mm purple sapphire, 1.5mm diamond, 1.5mm pink sapphire, 2mm yellow sapphire, and 1.5mm blue sapphire

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