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Newest Arrivals: Jewelry Introductions and Restocks So Far...

We are SO ready for Spring here at M. Flynn! While April has only just begun we already have so many new and restocked pieces we want to make sure you know about. Check out these special pieces from Storrow and Retrouvai- as well as some exciting new M. Flynn pieces- and gather some inspiration for your next #treatyourself pick or something to gift someone you love (hint hint, Mother's Day is coming up!)
We have really been loving the charms from Storrow Jewelry. You can clip them onto any necklace or bracelet, mix and match them, and really build up a stunning collection! We’ve restocked a bunch of the charms and added some newness, as well, introducing labradorite into the mix. This grey-ish, iridescent stone is understated with a touch of color, perfect for everyday wear and for those who want a playful charm without too much color. We also brought back the Lapis Anna Heart Ring which we think is the perfect statement ring! It’s light and comfortable and will add a brilliant pop of color to any ring stack!

We also welcomed some more old friends from Retrouvai back to the store. The Mini Compass necklaces and earrings are a huge hit here for their simple style, touch of color, and perfect everyday-wear capabilities. Each piece is made with hand cut stones and diamond, set in 14K yellow gold. We love Retrouvai because each piece has its own underlying message. The Compass pieces are meant to symbolize how a woman’s intuition will guide her as her own inner compass. We love how jewelry can carry a sentimental and strong meaning! Check these out– perfect for gifts or a #treatyourself moment!

…And last but not least, our newest addition (and maybe even the most exciting!), we just released our M. Flynn Ava Flower Collection! These diamond studs are an homage to the Antique Crystal Flower Earrings that we created years ago in honor of Megan and Moria’s grandmother, Avis. We have traded in the crystals for diamonds and created the perfect alternative to the simple diamond stud. We love how these sparkle on the ear and are perfect for everyday and occasion wear. Check them out and add these beauties to your wishlist!

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