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New Arrivals: Summer Fun + Diamonds

This just in... Fun Pieces to Satisfy Your Jewelry Cravings

As  you know, a diamond is a girl’s best friend. We have been updating the store with some serious new pieces that you NEED for your jewelry collection. Let’s start with Anita Ko: Amazing, unique rings in fun motifs and shapes with lots of glitter. Perfect right-hand rings, and why-not #treatyourself purchases (’cause you deserve it!)

Next, let’s talk earrings. As you may have seen we have really stocked up on fun climbers, cuffs, and chain earrings so you can really step up your #earparty game. Here are some of our newest additions.

We love talking about diamonds, but let’s add some fun colors to your #neckmesses and ring stacks. We’ve been adding the CUTEST Brent Neale pieces to the store from her new Slow Collection. Hand-cut stone snails, anyone??? Have some FUN with these!

Back to diamonds, we’re sure you’ve heard about our new Ava Diamond Collection, which features everything from rings to earrings to bracelets and necklaces. Classic, timeless pieces with an M. Flynn twist. We LOVE how the alternating stone sizes on these pieces give more texture and sparkle. Perfect additions to any stack with enough personality to be worn on their own.

While statement pieces are always a yes for us, we know you may be more into simpler pieces. Here are some newer ones that are unique and fun, but sweet and daintier. 

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