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Let's Get Personal: The Best Customizable Holiday Gifts

Holiday season is coming up faster than you'd think. If you're feeling stuck and can't think of any ideas, everyone LOVES a piece with a sentimental touch-- Whether it's a necklace with initials, a bracelet with a significant date, or a special piece with a quote or phrase. Jewelry with meaning is always the right idea-- Something they'll cherish forever that really says "I love you". We've got you covered with the best customizable pieces. Shop our favorites and gather some inspo for holiday!

Don't wait too long, though! Custom can sometimes take a little extra time, but it's always made with a little extra love. Check in with us on these pieces to make sure you can have them in time and ready to gift. Text us at 617-292-0079 to place any orders!!

The Charlie Bangle

Starting off strong with the newest addition to the M. Flynn Fam… Introducing the Charlie Bangle (Or whatever you want to call it!) Make it your own with a special word, a name, or initials, this bangle is the PERFECT addition to any stack and a super fun excuse to #getpersonal with some #diamondpower. 

P.S. – This piece definitely requires a little more time than some of our others, but all good things come to those who wait 🙂 Make sure to place your order ASAP!

Shop the Charlie Bangle

The Charlie Bangle in 14K Yellow Gold
The Charlie Bangle in 14K Yellow Gold


When it comes to personal pieces, a locket is always a staple. Devon Woodhill makes the most beautiful 18K gold lockets that you can put pictures of family, friends, or even pets in! You can even engrave them or add diamond monograms! Check out these lockets for some #inspo

Shop Devon Woodhill Lockets


Speaking of engraving, here are some of our most popular engravables! You can do her initials, your family’s, a significant date, phrase, or word! The possibilities are endless. 

Initials & Letters

Here at M. Flynn, we love charms, and we know you do, too! Sometimes a simple initial to put onto a necklace or to layer with a #neckmess is the best addition. 

Custom & Bespoke

We, along with many of our designers, offer bespoke pieces that are sure to make you a #gifthero. From incorporating birthstones, to meaningful emblems, to resets with heirloom stones– The possibilities are endless! Take a look at just a few of the custom pieces we and they have made for some of you and gather some inspo for your own piece or gift! 

& Speaking of Custom...

Holiday Engagements.

The Holiday’s are SUCH a good time to get engaged. What better time to share your special moment than with family. If it’s on your mind, now is the time to get the ball rolling. While we do have some In-Stock Engagement Rings that are ready to go, if you’re looking for something specific, reach out to us, and we’ll make it happen. 

Engagement Ring Deadlines

Thanksgiving Engagement – NOW
Christmas or New Year’s Engagement – November 29th (BUT DON’T WAIT!)

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