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Erin Gates x M. Flynn: New Inlay Heirloom's, just in time for Mother's Day!

We're really excited about this one... You know 'em, you love 'em, the classic diamond Heirloom Studs and Necklaces from our Gates Collection have been a HUGE hit and they just got a new makeover. We worked with Erin Gates to create some playful, colorful takes on these staple pieces to add to your collection! 

Starting off with the studs, we have a ton of new colors and styles! If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to a simple pearl, we have a few pairs that we know you’ll love. Firstly, the Pearl Cabochon Heirloom Studs: The pearl sister to our best-selling diamond pair, followed by the Mother of Pearl Inlay Heirloom Studs, both with and without pave diamonds. We love how these offer a bit of neutral color, texture, and a little bit of sparkle in the pave pair. Perfect additions to an #earparty or to be worn alone! They stand out without being “too much” for our more subtle jewelry wearers.

Following the pearl renditions, we also added some super fun colors in both the plain and pave inlay settings! We have lapis, malachite, tiger’s eye, turquoise, and black onyx. We see a lot of people who prefer simple gold and diamond, but we also see a lot of people who love to add something more playful to their stacks and #earparty. We think these add a bright pop of color that really creates a statement!

Next comes the new Heirloom Necklaces! We used the same colors and settings for these as the new studs so you can make a perfect set, mix and match and play around with the different colored stones and pearls! Dress them up or down, wear them alone or add to your curated #neckmess, these are really the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Check them out!

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