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  • Designer Spotlight: Jennie Kwon

    We recently brought in Jennie Kwon Designs and are so in love with her unique & delicate jewelry. Take a look at the interview below to get an insiders point of view of her line, & life! What lead you to begin designing jewelry and ultimately your own line? I spent the years prior to [...] Read more
  • The Sister Brooches: Part Two

    A pair of sisters decided to remake these brooches by their late uncle. There were so many beautiful stones and they had no idea where to start! One of the sisters decided to make an amazing pair of diamond earrings for her wedding day. Take a look at that project here. The other sister was still contemplating [...] Read more
  • Something Old Turns into Something New

    These beautiful Tiffany brooches were given to a pair of sisters by their late uncle. They were so stunning but just weren't something that they wore very often. Although they were tucked away in their jewelry box, they were very meaningful. One of the sisters was getting married and it got the women thinking that [...] Read more
  • Custom Men’s Bands

    Father's Day is coming up soon, so we started thinking about some of the jewelry that we've made for men in the past. We often focus on women's jewelry, but we make so many amazing custom pieces for men as well! Take a look at some of our all time favorite custom men's bands below. A client came [...] Read more
  • Custom Project: Joining Two Families Together

    Wedding bands are so special and symbolize so many beautiful things about love, marriage, and commitment. They represent the joining together of two individuals and families as one. Our clients had an idea that would allow all of these things shine through in more ways than one. Our clients wanted something very understated and simple, …

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  • Custom Wedding Jewelry: Joining Two Families Together

    Our client came to us looking to have a custom piece created using some very meaningful diamonds from both the bride and the groom’s families. Her fiance had a beautiful diamond that was once his grandmothers, while she had a ring given to her by her aunt. The couple already had wedding rings and they were looking …

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  • Custom Project: Wedding Day Pearls

    Probably because it’s wedding season – One favorite project was a beautiful 8 mm South Seal pearl necklace that client worked with us to have made for her special day. It was set in platinum with over 1 carat of bezel set diamonds (Do you see the size of that pearl!?!). The necklace was the perfect …

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  • “Toi et Moi”

    One of our most recent clients came to us with a ring from his grandmother.  He wanted to integrate the stone into an engagement ring. We always love teaming up with clients to bring new life to meaningful family pieces. Because of the size of the stone our client came to us with we decided …

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  • Custom Spiral Engagement Ring

    Last month we worked with a client who came to us with a truly incredible round, brilliant diamond.  She wanted her diamond transformed into a unique engagement ring. She loved the idea of an antique ring, and was very much drawn to Victorian styles; specifically the design of a tourbillon diamond rings.  Even though our …

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