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When Erin Gates heard about our new Remake | Redesign services, she knew exactly which heirloom pieces she was interested in having remade. She had some jewelry that had been given to her by her mother and she loved the sentiment behind it, but thought that the style was just a bit dated for her.

When it was time to start discussing design ideas, Erin came in with some sketches of ideas that were more along the lines of what she wanted.  She really wanted something clean and modern with a classic design. A lot of her inspiration came from interior design – something she’s extremely passionate about.

What she ultimately decided on was a sleek, geometric “X” shaped setting that would be filled with her mothers diamonds in a beautiful pave setting. Once she saw the mock-up – she knew that they would be perfect for a pair of stud earrings that would be big enough to fill the ear.

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